O que é “racismo sistémico”

What Systemic Racism Is — and Isn’t, por Jonathan Blanks:

Systemic racism refers to racially disparate or concentrated deleterious outcomes that follow from policies in a system, not systems full of racist people (…). In the abstract, it’s an easy mistake to make, given the traditional concept of racism as hatred or animus toward a race or group of races, (…)

Describing something as systemic racism is not an accusation that everyone in that system or profession is racist, but that these systems cause harm along racial lines, regardless of the intent of its participants. In many ways, systemic racism is a way to explain how non-racist people can inflict racial harms even when they have good intent. Whatever one thinks of the concept, this is a rough sketch of what systemic racism means. My former colleague Mike Tanner, a committed libertarian and longtime policy scholar, has a nice primer on systemic racism at his personal blog.

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