Fazendo-se de vítima

Ainda relacionado com isto, um post de Chris Dillow sobre a mania de os conservadores se fazerem de vítimas, mesmo quando põem em prática a sua pópria “cancel culture”.

Here are four recent developments:

– The University of Leicester is sacking academics because they are doing research in critical management studies. The Tories, however, are silent on this whilst at the same time condemning a handful of students who are unsuccessfully campaigning to get Eric Kaufman sacked from Birkbeck. They tolerate actual violations of academic freedom whilst deploring attempted ones.

– Laurence Fox calls for the Leicester City players who carried a Palestinian flag after the FA Cup final to be hounded out.

– Matthew Offord MP demands that the BBC not broadcast an edition of Desert Island Discs because of Alexei Sayle’s ant-Zionism.

– Several people complained to the police about a tweet from an SNP councillor about the Eurovision song contest.


And yet these attacks upon freedom come from people who claim to be champions of free speech and protectors of academic freedom.

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