O que pode acontecer numas futuras eleições norte-americanas

A leading historian of U.S. democracy issues an urgent warning, por Greg Sargent (entrevista com Alexander Keyssar), no Washington Post:

This is what Keyssar sees as “very disturbing.” In a future close election, what is to stop a Republican-controlled Senate and House from refusing to count a victorious Democratic presidential candidate’s electors from numerous close states?

In that scenario, one or more friendly GOP state legislatures might send alternate electors to Congress, which it might count. That didn’t happen this time, but Trump and many Republicans called for it to happen, and at least one legislature wavered.

Who’s to say it won’t happen in a future scenario where one or more states are decided by a few hundred votes, making it easier to claim the true voting outcome cannot be known, justifying alternate electors?

Even if Republicans pursuing this tactic don’t believe it will overturn the election this time, Keyssar told me, they “are establishing its legitimacy.”

“A norm is being broken,” Keysser said, one in which Congress does not “monkey with a presidential election unless there is ample evidence and cause.”

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